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The Philippines Widest Choice of Computer Packages to Buy Online

Now is the best time to shop online for your computer package.  If you are buying for personal use, as a student for school or university, or as a business tool for work, Enigma Technologies has the widest selection of branded PC Packages at the best prices!

Personal Computer (PC) has gone through many innovations over the years and nowadays, the PC packages available to you are huge.  You can choose between budget PC Packages for simple day to day work or more advanced, high power computer for business needs.  The ultimate power PC Packages are for the gamers.

Why has the Desktop PC been so Successful?

In the age of super light laptops, smart mobile phones and tablets, why is the desktop PC still in such high demand?  While it is true that desktop packages have declined in recent times, the demand for such ready-made PC continues to be very high.

The reasons for this are the fact that the larger PC is usually better priced for a set specification to a similar laptop and, as it’s not carried around, it tends to be far more reliable and resilient.  In addition, users can customize their PC package to suit their needs be it gaming, business or just to upgrade.

Standard Desktop Computer Package

What it is: The standard PC package can be seen as a general utility machine.  It’s able to deal with the day to day tasks of students and business people using the internet, text documents, spreadsheets, and email.

Notes for Standard Desktop PC Packages: Make sure you choose a specification that meets your family/business needs in terms of hard drive storage and processor speed. Also, don’t forget to note if the package includes keyboard, mouse, speakers and an inkjet printer.

Professional Desktop Computer Package

What it is: This is the backbone of many companies, large and small.  These are no frills machines featuring highly reliable components that can work long hours over many years.

Notes for Professional PC Packages: These machines will emphasize connectivity with gigabit ethernet, Bluetooth and sometimes Wi-Fi.  Professional packages are mostly complete for the business environment but you may want to consider purchasing a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to counter the Philippines’ many ‘brownouts’.

Gaming Desktop PC Package

What it is: While some people say PC gaming packages are just higher powered professional packages, we are sure that the Gamers themselves would disagree!  Gaming PC Packages have a huge emphasis on video processing so that the players can move their charters on screen as fast as possible.  Apart from the technology differences, gaming PCs are generally far more design-orientated with colorful lights and huge cooling systems.

Notes for Gaming PC Packages: As speed is all here, look for the highest powered processor and video card that fit your budget.  Cool if you are able to get a gaming PC system with a solid state drive (SSD)! And as the look of the gaming PC is vital, Enigma Technologies can give you a wide assortment of different designs to choose from.