If you’re looking to buy computer components in the Philippines, whether it’s motherboard, disk drives, RAM or upgrades of any kind, then you’ve landed on the right page!

Computer Components That You Need in the Philippines

If you are building your own PC Desktop computer or upgrading your current computer to meet your new demands, you need the best computer components in the market at the best prices.

Enigma Technologies help you customize your current PC with computer components that fit your budget and specifications. See our available branded components that meet your every PC build need.  We offer hard drives (SSD, HDD and portable), video cards, cooling fans, motherboards, power supply units, and RAM.

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Computer Components: Performance on Budget. Your best option for PC component online shopping in the Philippines

Every PC user has different requirements from their desktop computer or laptop.  For designers and engineers, it is the high-performance Intel or AMD processor, RAM, video cards and solid state drives that are keys to their work.  Designers as well need great video cards but also need fantastic LED monitors.  And don’t forget the gamers!  Gamers want everything fast and looking good!  So, they are sure to enjoy our range of custom computer components at best prices.


Computer Components for Sale at Enigma Technologies


What it is: It is the main printed circuit board that acts as a base for all the other computer components

Note for Motherboards: make sure your processor chip is compatible with your motherboard

Graphics Cards

What it is: This computer component changes the program or game code into the graphics you see on your computer monitor.

Note for graphics cards: If you need high resolution, fast moving graphics, make sure you choose a higher performance graphics card.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

What it is: This memory is separate from your main disk memory (SSD or HDD) and it ‘holds’ the programs that are currently running on your PC.


What it is: This is the ‘brains’ of your computer!  It takes the data from the RAM and hard disk drive and processes it to show you your game, spreadsheet or video.

Note for processors: You can choose between Intel and AMD branded processors.  Each has their performance and budget advantages.